Israel’s IAI and India’s DRDO complete testfiring of MRSAM missile


MRSAM Missile: Israel’s state owned defence company IAI and India’s apex defence research organization DRDO Thursday announced successful completion of a series of testfiring of MRSAM air and missile defense system trials in India. The trials included a series of four MRSAM interceptions – two by the land-based MRSAM system, and two by the naval-based MRSAM system, operated from Indian Navy ships.

The interceptions were carried out in an operational setting against various scenarios, at different interception ranges, interception heights and challenging angles. The systems were operated by India’s Air Force and Navy, alongside DRDO and IAI engineers.

The MRSAM provides an integrative solution that includes an advanced, fully digital Phased Array Radar, a command and control center, mobile launchers, and highly energetic interceptors with advanced RF Seeker.

The system was tested in India by both Israeli and Indian officers together with engineers and experts. The overall system as well as all the system components satisfied the customer’s expectations. As part of the trial, two interceptors were launched from a portable land-based system and two others from a naval-based system, operated from Indian Navy ships.

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The threats were detected by the system’s radar, acquired by the interceptor, and successfully intercepted. All the system components completed the trial successfully, as planned.

Boaz Levy, CEO, IAI.

Boaz Levy, CEO, IAI.

Boaz Levy, IAI President and CEO, said: “This successful trial is another example of the strong connection and quality of the technological partnership between IAI and India. The trial proved, once again, IAI’s advanced capabilities in air defense, which are leading the global industry.”

“Our close collaboration on air defense with our partners at DRDO and India’s Air Force highlight and express the professionalism that leads to developing some of the world’s best defense solutions. We will continue expanding our efforts to provide holistic, integrative solutions, including cooperation and joint activity with the government and defense industry in India,” Boaz Levy said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

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India’s MRSAM Missile

The MRSAM Air and Missile Defense System is an operational air defense system that was developed by IAI, in cooperation with IMOD and India’s DRDO, alongside the defense arms in India and Israel. The system provides broad regional defense against various maritime threats – from the air, water, or land.

The system utilizies a number of advanced technologies – digital radar, command and control center, and launchers and interceptors with advanced RF seeker. The MRSAM is in use by the Indian Navy, Air Force, and Army.

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