Rheinmetall bags €400 mn order for Bundeswehr’s radio systems


Düsseldorf, Germany – April 24, 2024 – In a significant win for the German defense company Rheinmetall, a leading manufacturer of military equipment, the company has secured a framework contract with the Bundeswehr, the German Armed Forces, valued at around €400 million (US$446 million). This contract marks a major step forward in modernizing the Bundeswehr’s tactical communication capabilities.

The contract centers on the supply of up to 191,000 intercom sets with integrated hearing protection, a critical piece of equipment for soldiers on the battlefield.  As stated by Rheinmetall, “Rheinmetall has been commissioned by the Bundeswehr in a key project for tactical communications which is of cross-sectional importance for the entire force.”

Modernizing Radio Communication for the Bundeswehr

The new intercom system, referred to as the “SmG” (Sprechsatz mit Gehörschutzfunktion) in German, incorporates advanced features to enhance soldier safety and communication effectiveness.  Rheinmetall said the intercom with hearing protection function… includes modern active capsule ear protection that attenuates harmful impulse noise and amplifies quiet sounds.  Soldiers can also connect the SmG to various radios, facilitating clear communication in combat situations.

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The initial order comprises 30,000 intercom sets slated for delivery in 2024, with an additional 30,000 expected in 2025.  This initial phase of the project holds a net value of €140 million. The Bundeswehr‘s budget committee attached specific conditions to the project, highlighting the importance of this modernization effort.

Rheinmetall's tactical radio system for German Military.

Rheinmetall’s tactical radio system for German Military.

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Equipping Soldiers for the Future

Rheinmetall will partner with two industry leaders to fulfill this contract. 3M Peltor will supply the ComTac VIII headsets, known for their superior noise cancellation and audio amplification capabilities. CeoTronics AG will contribute the CT-Multi PTT 1C and 3C push-to-talk buttons, essential for seamless radio communication. Importantly, the SmG is compatible with Rheinmetall’s recently supplied next-generation combat helmet, as well as other helmets currently used by the Bundeswehr.

This contract reinforces Rheinmetall’s position as a frontrunner in military equipment development.  The company said: “This order underlines Rheinmetall’s leading role in the field of military equipment.”  The SmG system represents a significant step forward for the Bundeswehr, providing soldiers with enhanced communication capabilities and improved hearing protection on the battlefield.

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German Army Heer German Military

A female soldier of German Army – Heer (Official Photo).

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Rheinmetall: A Leading Force in German Defense

Rheinmetall is a household name in German defense, boasting a long and successful history of providing the Bundeswehr with cutting-edge technology.  They describe themselves as “an integrated technology group… active in various markets with an innovative range of products and services.” The company is a “leading international systems supplier in the defence industry”

Rheinmetall is the prime contractor for the Bundeswehr’s “System Infantry Soldier of the Future – Expanded System,” a comprehensive program designed to equip soldiers with the latest battlefield technologies. Additionally, Rheinmetall markets various configurations of its Gladius soldier system internationally.

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