Kongsberg unveils world’s first long-range AUV, HUGIN Endurance


Kongsberg’s HUGIN Endurance AUV: Kongsberg Discovery, a subsidiary of Kongsberg Maritime, has achieved a major breakthrough with the completion of factory acceptance testing for the world’s first HUGIN Endurance Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV). This revolutionary long-range AUV marks a significant leap forward in underwater exploration capabilities.

Unmatched Range and Endurance

The HUGIN Endurance enters the market at a time when unmanned undersea vehicles are playing an increasingly vital role in oceanographic research, defense applications, and commercial operations. Compared to other AUVs, the HUGIN Endurance boasts unmatched range and endurance. With a full battery pack, it can operate for up to 15 days at sea, traveling an impressive 2,200 kilometers (1,200 nautical miles). This extended reach allows for comprehensive exploration of vast underwater areas, previously unimaginable with traditional AUVs.

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Kongsberg Discovery's Hugin Endurance AUV.

Kongsberg Discovery’s Hugin Endurance AUV.

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Beyond Endurance: A Versatile Platform

The HUGIN Endurance’s capabilities extend far beyond its impressive range. Unlike some competitors’ AUVs with limited payload options, the HUGIN Endurance boasts a highly configurable payload bay. This allows for customization based on mission requirements, whether it’s seabed mapping, pipeline inspection, environmental monitoring, or even defense applications.

The system comes equipped with a wide range of standard sensors, including high-resolution sonar, echo sounders, sub-bottom profiling systems, and environmental sensors. Additionally, the large payload bay can accommodate specialized equipment chosen by the user.

Kongsberg Discovery President Martin Wien Fjell expressed his pride in the team’s accomplishment, highlighting the record-breaking development time and the positive response from the first customer. He further emphasized the limitless possibilities offered by the HUGIN Endurance, stating, “This is a game-changer… Endurance can accommodate whatever kind of payload a customer wants.”

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Kongsberg Discovery's Hugin Endurance AUV.

Kongsberg Discovery’s Hugin Endurance AUV.

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A Competitive Landscape

The development of the HUGIN Endurance comes amidst a growing market for advanced AUVs. Companies like Teledyne Marine Systems (who produce the Glider series) and ECA Group (known for their AsterX family) are also developing long-range AUVs with varying strengths. The HUGIN Endurance’s unique combination of extended range, modularity, and advanced sensor suite positions it as a strong contender in this competitive landscape.

Additional Capabilities for HUGIN Endurance

Kongsberg Discovery plans to continue developing additional capabilities for the HUGIN Endurance, solidifying its position as a leader in long-range underwater exploration. With its unmatched range and versatility, the HUGIN Endurance is poised to revolutionize the way explorers gather data and explore the vast underwater world.

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