Saab secures funding for continued Gripen development


Stockholm, Sweden – April 24, 2024 – Saab, a leading defense and security company, announced today that they have received a SEK 540 million order from the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) to support the ongoing development of the Gripen fighter jet. This new contract signifies Sweden’s commitment to maintaining the Gripen’s position as a powerful and adaptable aircraft.

The funding will be used throughout 2024 to further develop the Gripen system for both the Swedish Armed Forces and other countries that operate the aircraft. Saab will leverage this investment to enhance the capabilities of existing Gripen C/D and Gripen E models, as well as develop entirely new functionalities.

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“This order is crucial for ensuring the Gripen remains at the forefront of fighter jet technology,” said Lars Tossman, Head of Saab‘s Aeronautics business area. “The Gripen’s modular design allows for continuous upgrades, and this funding will enable us to develop cutting-edge features to address ever-evolving threats.”

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Gripen E For Brazil Air Force.

Gripen E For Brazil Air Force.

The contract includes the operation and maintenance of test aircraft and advanced equipment like simulators and testing rigs. These resources will be used by Saab engineers to refine the Gripen’s capabilities and integrate new technologies. The development work will primarily take place at Saab’s facilities in Linköping, Gothenburg, Järfälla, and Arboga, Sweden.

Saab’s Gripen Figther Jet

The Gripen is a family of lightweight, multirole fighter aircraft known for its maneuverability, advanced avionics, and adaptability. It has been in service with several air forces around the world since the 1990s and remains a popular choice due to its cost-effectiveness and impressive performance. Saab’s ongoing development efforts ensure the Gripen stays relevant and continues to be a reliable asset for air defense well into the future.

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