Indian Navy buys drone killer smart shooter from Israel


Indian Navy – SMASH Smart Shooter: India has awarded the contract for supply of two-thousand Smash fire control systems for Indian Navy, which will use them to counter rogue drones. The contract entails the supply of Smart Shooter’s SMASH 2000 Plus fire control systems, which will be installed mainly on AK-47 and AK 103 series rifles.

Israeli defence company said its Smart Shooter SMASH 2000 Plus fully complies with the Indian needs and shall significantly improve soldiers’ accuracy and speed of hitting targets and shooting down threats. It will dramatically increase each soldier’s confidence in any combat scenario and maximizing operational effectiveness, said the Israeli firm.

Michal Mor, CEO, SMART SHOOTER said: “SMASH 2000 Plus provides an inimitable hard-kill solution against the growing threats of drones, and delivers proven ability to hit any ground or airborne targets and eliminate the threat quickly and effectively.”

“We are honored that the Indian Navy has chosen Smart Shooter’s technology, and see this as a sign of proof for the unique value SMASH offers,” said Michael Mor.

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“We will be happy to keep offering the Indian Military diverse cutting-edge solutions for protection against ground and aerial threats at land, air, and sea,” she added.

Michal Mor Smash Smart Shooter CEO

Michal Mor, CEO, Smart Shooter

“SMASH is a combat-proven Fire Control solution that ensures each round finds its target. With a unique “One Shot – One Hit” capability, SMASH allows the operator to quickly and effectively neutralize any ground or airborne target, manned or unmanned, said the company.

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SMASH 2000 Plus includes the SMASH fire control solution’s full feature set, with an additional advanced Counter-UAS mode which provides accurate Hard Kill capability against drones or any static or moving ground targets.

The Israeli defence company said its SMASH Shooter has been designed to give soldiers a decisive tactical edge in almost every operational scenario and it can be used in border security, bases and strategic facilities protection.

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