Rheinmetall’s Boxer IFV begins validation trials for UK Army


Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicle begins user trials for UK Army: Boxer Infantry Vehicle produced by German defence company Rheinmetall has started customer verification and validation trials for the UK Army’s Mechanised Infantry Vehicle (MIV) programme. These trials are taking place at Millbrook Proving Ground at Bedford in United Kingdom. These trials will qualify the design against the MIV technical requirements, demonstrating the Boxer vehicle’s capability and performance for the British Army, said the company.

There are two Rheinmetall prototype vehicles in the Command variant that will conduct the trials, as part of the Army’s modernisation plan. They will focus on mission systems including C4I, Electronic Counter Measures, User Human Machine Interface, Electromagnetic Compatibility and Climatics. The trials are supported by ARTEC and KNDS.

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Boxer IFV Production

MIV first series production vehicles will be delivered this year – an important phase of the programme for both the customer and industry. These will be Command variants, built in the Rheinmetall factory in Kassel, Germany. They are currently in the final stages of their build before being shipped to the UK.

The production of UK Boxer vehicles has commenced in the UK. This also drives the delivery of UK economic and prosperity benefits, with jobs in the land industry in the UK. A further commitment made by Rheinmetall has seen the UK supply chain providing into European programmes.

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British Army Boxer Armored Vehicle.

Boxer IFV for UK Army.

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Boxer Infantry Fighting Vehicle

In 2019, the UK Ministry of Defence placed an order for 523 Boxer vehicles, and went on to increase the order by 100 in April 2022.

Rheinmetall said the Boxer is a highly-protected 8×8 wheeled armoured vehicle. Its modular architecture enables a greater number of variants than any other vehicle system. The British Army is procuring four variants, including Infantry Carrying Vehicle, Command & Control, Field Ambulance and Specialist Carrier variants.

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Boxer IFV manufacturing in UK

The German defence giant said all of its investment into Telford and also in the company’s Bristol headquarters demonstrates its commitment to investing in high value jobs, enabling the pursuit of export opportunities.

MIV Production facilities were commissioned and installed through RBSL’s Industrialisation Programme, with a £40m investment into the Telford site to transform it into a world-class manufacturing facility, it said.

Rheinmetall Boxer Combat Vehicle.

Rheinmetall’s Boxer IFV.

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According to a company statement, the programme is working with a vibrant UK supply chain, supporting economic growth and level-up regional economic opportunity. It focuses on supporting and enhancing UK supply chain, and developing the skills and expertise in-country.

Through the progression to the first series delivery, we are supporting the economic and prosperity benefits of the programme, as there is an increase in land industry jobs in the UK, and the UK supply chain involved are also contributing into European programmes, Rheinmetall said in a statement.

The defence company said that there has been a significant recruitment effort, both at RBSL and across the UK supply chain, to support the MIV Programme. At RBSL, there has been a focus on apprenticeships, with many apprentices joining to support the programme and beginning a career in the industry.

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