Spyder Air Defence System: Israel’s MOD, Rafael test latest version of Spyder System


Israel’s Spyder Air Defence System: Israel’s leading defence company Rafael and Israel’s ministry of defence (IMOD), and the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) have successfully tested advanced Spyder Air Defense System in its latest All-In-One Configuration, said the Israeli defence company.

In a statement, Rafael Monday announced the successful completion of a test for its advanced SPYDER air defense system in its newest configuration – All in One.

The test involved intercepting an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in a challenging operational scenario, achieving a direct and effective hit.

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Israel’s Spyder Air Defence System

Israel Rafael Spyder Air Defence System.

IMOD, Rafael testfired Spyder System in latest All-in-One version.

The SPYDER system, produced by RAFAEL, is operationally used by several military forces worldwide, providing air defense solutions against various airborne threats, including missiles, UAVs, aircraft, helicopters, and tactical ballistic missiles (TBMs).

According to the company, the system intercepts threats using two families of RAFAEL-manufactured interceptor missiles, PYTHON and Derby.

Recently, RAFAEL introduced a new configuration for the SPYDER – the All in One, featuring an integrated radar, electro-optical launcher, advanced control and command system, and PYTHON and Derby interceptors, all mounted on a single platform.

This configuration serves as an optimal air defense solution for point defense or area defense, either as part of a SPYDER battery or deployed independently with minimal operator involvement, said the company.

In the test conducted last month in Israel, the SPYDER All in One system successfully intercepted a UAV in a complex operational scenario, achieving a successful interception of the target, said the company.

Pini Yungman, Executive Vice President and Head of the Air Defense Division at RAFAEL, said that RAFAEL a a global expert and a leading developer of air defense systems has proven itself in combat against a myriad of advanced threats and at various ranges.

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He said among the leading systems currently in operational use in Israel and worldwide are Iron Dome, SPYDER, and David’s Sling.

“The success of the current test with the SPYDER All in One system represents another technological breakthrough that RAFAEL pioneered, providing solutions tailored to different evolving threats in various arenas,” he said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

Yungman said the success of the test was a significant milestone in developing the system against different threats and demonstrates the system’s outstanding effectiveness in intercepting challenging ground-launched threats.

“As a significant contributor to national security, RAFAEL will continue to develop advanced air defense solutions that incorporate the latest technology for the IDF and its customers worldwide,” the senior Rafael official said.

IMOD, Rafael testfired Spyder in latest version.

IMOD, Rafael testfired Spyder in latest version.

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