Elbit Systems will supply Night Vision Devices to German Police


Elbit Systems XACT nv33 Night Vision Device (NVG): German government has selected a Germany based subsidiary of Israel’s advanced technology company Elbit Systems to supply XACT nv33 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) for the German Federal Police following a competitive bidding, the company said on Thursday.

The contract was awarded by the Germany’s ministry of interior to Ulm based Elbit Systems Deutschland. However, the company has neither disclosed the value of the contract nor the number of NVGs to be supplied to German Federal Police.

In a statement, Elbit Systems said the Special Forces and Special Operation Units of the Federal German Police are facing new threats and complex scenarios from organized crime and international terrorism and night vision devices will support their fight against crime.

“The XACT nv33 NVG will supports the officers’ in the fight against crime across Germany, as they will be equipped with the ability to operate during the nights, which is an essential requirement,” Elbit Systems said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

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This decision by the German Federal Police follows another satisfied German customer – the German Armed Forces – that are already using the XACT nv33 NVG in various missions, said the company.

According to the Israeli defence company, the XACT product family has already been selected by a number of undisclosed NATO countries among them Germany and the Netherlands, as well as the Israeli and the Australian Armed Forces.

“After the establishment of our night vision systems with the German Armed Forces, we are very proud to serve the German Federal Police in the field of electro-optics,” said Thomas Nützel, CEO of Elbit Systems Deutschland.

Thomas Nützel said Elbit Systems’ image intensifier goggles will expand the capabilities of the federal officers and support them in the fight against crime.

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XACT nv33 NVG.

Elbit Systems’ XACT nv33 NVG.

Elbit System’s XACT nv33 night vision device

The XACT nv33 is a lightweight binocular image intensifier that can be mounted on a variety of helmets and can be used head-mounted or hand-held.

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According to the company, XACT nv33’s compact dimensions, its lightweight and the capability to use the system to drive a vehicle in absolute darkness will further increase the operational capabilities for federal officers and better align their readiness for future security requirements.

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