Spain’s Indra, Germany’s Hensoldt join hands for Eurofighter Radar development


Defence News: Spanish defence contractor Indra will join hands with German defence electronics and sensor giant Hensoldt for the development of a new radar for Eurofighter fleet, said the company.

In June this year, German parliament approved a contract award to aircraft manufacturer Airbus worth almost US$3 billion for a new version of the active electronically scanned array (AESA) radar, called Captor-E.

According to reports, more than half of that investment will go to German sensor giant Hensoldt, a former Airbus subsidiary.

The contract is aimed at retrofitting roughly 130 German and Spanish aircraft in the mid-2020s, according to Hensoldt.

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Officials in Europe have billed the radar upgrade as a key prerequisite for keeping the Eurofighter relevant for future missions and possible sales — including ongoing acquisition decisions in Finland and Switzerland.

Spanish defence company Indra joining as the co-lead for the Captor-E’s follow-on generation, dubbed Eurofighter Common Radar System Mk1, represents a major mile-stone for the company as it engages in the development of a new generation of high end electronic equipment.

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“The contract will allow Indra to create long-term highly-skilled jobs, in addition to reinforcing its technological expertise and role as a key supplier in the field of airborne sensors, as well as the leader of the Sensors technological pillar within the FCAS program,” the company said in a statement.

So far, the Euroradar consortium, made up of Leonardo’s British and Italian arms as well as Hensoldt and Indra, has overseen technology development for the multinational fighter program through the Captor-E, or Mk0, version.

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