Israel Navy ship conducts first interception using C-Dome missile system


Rafael C-Dome Missile System: Israeli defence giant Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the Israel Missile Defense Organization (IMDO), in the Directorate for Defense R&D of the Israel Ministry of Defense, and the IDF have completed a successful series of live-fire tests of the ‘C-Dome’ system – an advanced naval configuration of the Iron Dome defense system, the company announced on Tuesday.

This is for the first time when the ‘C-Dome’ missile was operated for the first time aboard the Israeli Naval Ship (INS) Sa’ar 6 ‘Magen’ corvette against multiple advanced threats. Crew members of the INS ‘Magen’ led the ‘C-Dome’ tests.

The test campaign consisted of a number of scenarios simulating advanced threats, including rockets, cruise missiles and UAVs. The ‘C-Dome’ is capable of successfully intercepting such threats.

This successful live-fire test is an important milestone and demonstrates the operational capability of the Israeli Navy to defend the strategic assets and vital interests of the State of Israel against current and evolving threats.

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IsraelRafael C-DOME Missile Defence System.

C-Dome Missile testfired from Israeli navy ship.

Israel’s C-Dome Missile System

The ‘C-Dome’ onboard missile defense system is based on the Iron Dome defense system developed by Rafael, with the command-and-control system developed by mPrest. ‘C-Dome’ interfaces with the Saar 6’s ‘Adir’ radar, developed by IAI’s ELTA division.

It joins other advanced systems that make up Israel’s multi-tier missile defense array, including the Arrow and David’s Sling systems. Development of ‘C-Dome’ was led by the IMDO in Israel’s Ministry of Defense.

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Two-steps ahead of missile threat: Benny Gantz

Israel’s Defense Minister Benny Gantz congratulated the DDR&D, IDF and Rafael for the completion of an unprecedented test.

Gantz said the systems, which is being developed as part of Israel’s multi-tier missile defense array, would enable the country to operate against Iranian proxies in the region and defend against their weapon systems, which are constantly being upgraded.

Israel Defence Minister Benny Gantz

Benny Gantz, Defence Minister, Israel.

“We continue to be two steps ahead of them and we will continue developing and upgrading our capabilities in order to maintain security superiority in the region and to defend the citizens and assets of the State of Israel,” said the Israeli leader.

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Iron Dome adapted to naval platform: Ran Tavor

Head of  Rafael’s Naval Warfare Systems Directorate, Ran Tavor said the test marked the end of a process to develop and adapt the Iron Dome to naval platforms, according to the requirements outlined by the DDR&D and the IDF.

“The tests demonstrated Rafael’s advanced engineering and development capabilities, as well as the capability to successfully integrate complex systems,” Tavor said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

Head of the Directorate for Defense R&D in the Israel Ministry of Defense, Brigadier General (retd) Danny Gold said the success of the test constitutes a significant technological breakthrough in the field of missile defense, and is the result of the Directorate’s vision and cooperation with the IDF and Israeli defense industries.

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Historic Milestone: Moshe Patel

Moshe Patel, Director of the Israel Missile Defense Organization, said the successful test was a historic milestone.

Moshe Patel, Israel Missile Defense Organization

Moshe Patel, IMDO.

“The advanced detection system accurately identified various threats including rocket fire, cruise missiles and UAVs. The system successfully intercepted the threats with surgical precision,” Patel said in a statement.

He said the successful firing of C-Dome missile strengthened the organisation’s confidence in the missile defense systems as well as the ability of the Israeli Navy to defend the maritime assets of the State of Israel.

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