Zen Technologies delivers cutting edge anti-drone system to Indian Army


Zen ADS HK anti-drone system: New Delhi, India – June 8, 2024 – Zen Technologies, a leading Indian defense and training solutions provider, has successfully delivered its next-generation anti-drone system, Zen ADS HK, to the Indian Army Air Defence College in Gopalpur, Odisha. This marks a significant advancement in India’s ability to counter aerial threats posed by drones.

Building upon the success of their existing soft-kill anti-drone systems currently deployed by the Indian Air Force, Zen ADS HK offers a comprehensive defense solution with an additional hard-kill capability. This state-of-the-art system seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and features a cutting-edge Electro-Optical Tracking System (EOTS) designed and developed entirely by Zen Technologies.

The EOTS combines day and thermal cameras with a Laser Range Finder (LRF) for effective all-weather automatic tracking of drones.

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Zen's CUAS.

Zen’s CUAS.

Zen ADS HK: A Multi-layered Defense Approach

The Zen ADS HK system employs a multi-layered approach to drone detection and neutralization. Here’s a breakdown of the key components:

Radio Frequency Drone Detection (RFDD): Continuously scans a wide band of frequencies typically used by drones and their ground control centers to identify and track suspicious signals.

Video-Based Drone Identification & Tracking (VDIT): Utilizes day and night camera sensors mounted on a servo-based positioning system to capture high-resolution video and images of the drone for visual confirmation.

Radar: Detects autonomous drones (without a pilot-drone link) and provides precise data on their location.
Data Fusion & Command Center: Integrates data from RFDD, VDIT, and radar to present a comprehensive picture of the threat situation on a user interface. This allows operators to effectively monitor and classify threats.

Drone RF Jammer (DRFJ): Disables communication between the drone and its ground control center by jamming various frequencies, including ISM bands, GNSS signals, and mobile signals.

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Hard-Kill Options for Complete Neutralization

Zen ADS HK offers two hard-kill options for complete drone neutralization:

Kinetic-based kill: Utilizes an automatic gun that can precisely target and destroy the drone.
Net-based drone catcher: Employs a dedicated drone equipped with a net to capture and safely land the rogue drone. This option is ideal for capturing small drones carrying potential explosives.

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A Leap Forward in Indian Air Defense

The Zen ADS HK system signifies a major leap forward in India’s air defense capabilities. By combining advanced detection, tracking, jamming, and hard-kill options, Zen Technologies has provided the Indian Army with a robust solution to counter evolving drone threats. This indigenous system, designed and developed entirely within India, reinforces the country’s commitment to self-reliance in defense technology.

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