India’s DRDO backed defence university develops Atulya microwave steriliser to kill COVID-19 virus


Defence News India: In a major success against the novel coronavirus, an Indian university has developed a microwave steriliser to kill the highly contagious virus that has killed over 1,150 people in the country and over 2,37,000 people worldwide.

Pune based Defence Institute of Advanced Technology announced the development of Atulya microwave steriliser that kills the Sars-CoV-2 virus by differential heating in the range of 560 to 600 Celsius temperatures.

Depending upon size and shape of various objects, time of sterilisation is from 30 seconds to one minute,” said the ministry of defence.  

India has mobilised its armed forces and state owned defence companies to develop and manufacture novel solutions to contain the outbreak of the highly contagious virus in the country.

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Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, Pune is a deemed university supported by the country’s apex defence research and development body DRDO.

Defence ministry said the Atulya microwave system was tested for human and operator safety and has been found to be safe.

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“The product is cost effective solution, which can be operated in portable or fixed installations,” defence ministry said in a statement.

The microwave steriliser system is portable and lightweight, weighing just three kilograms.

However, the Atulya microswave steriliser system can only be used for non-metallic objects only.

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