Indian startup develops NanoSniffer to detect explosives in 10 seconds


NanoSniffer Explosive Detector: An Indian startup NanoSniff Technologies backed by the country’s top technology education institute IIT Bombay has developed NanoSniffer, a completely homegrown technology to detect explosives in less than 10 seconds, said the government.

India’s education minister Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank Friday unveiled the world’s first Microsensor based Explosive Trace Detector (ETD), in presence of IIT Delhi director V Ramgopal Rao and other senior officials.

NanoSniffer has been marketed by Vehant Technologies, a spin-off from a former IIT Delhi incubated startup Kritikal Solutions.

Pokhriyal said NanoSniffer, developed by NanoSniff Technologies, is a step towards Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of a self-reliant India.

A self-reliant India in defence

NanoSniffer is a 100% Made in India product in terms of research, development & manufacturing. The core technology of NanoSniffer is protected by patents in the U.S. & Europe,” said the minister.  

He said the affordable device would reduce the country’s dependency on imported explosive trace detector devices.

“It will also encourage other institutions, startups and medium-scale industries to research & develop products indigenously. It’s a perfect example of lab to market product,” added the minister.

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The homegrown explosive trace detector device (ETD) – NanoSniffer can detect explosives in less than 10 seconds and it also identifies and categorizes explosives into different classes.

NanaSniffer detects all classes of military, conventional and homemade explosives and gives visual and audible alerts with sunlight-readable color display.

With the development of this product, IIT Bombay, IIT Delhi and offshoot companies are making a sincere effort to boost the nation’s security with advanced and affordable indigenous products, said the government.

“It’s a perfect example of academia and industry collaboration, which will set an example for other startups in India,” said the minister.

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Nishank said given the constant threats, which the country faces due to geo-political realities, explosives and contraband detection has become a norm at high security locations like airports, railways & Metro stations, hotels, malls, and other public places.

“Check points at such locations are incorporating advanced detection equipment for rapid scanning of people and baggage. Almost all these products for explosive detection are imported at a high cost leading to the loss of valuable foreign exchange by the country. NanoSniffer is a perfect substitute for such products,” he said.

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NanoSniff Technologies and Vehant Technologies

NanoSniff Technologies has partnered with Vehant Technologies, a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning- based Physical Security, Surveillance and Traffic Monitoring & Junction Enforcement Solutions for marketing of the product.

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NanoSniffer Explosive Detector

NanoSniffer provides trace detection of nano-gram quantity of explosives & delivers result in seconds. It can accurately detect a wide range of military, commercial and homemade explosives threats.

Further analysis of the algorithms also helps in categorization of explosives into the appropriate class. With local manufacturing, including its MEMS sensor, it will save a lot of import cost for the country.

NanoSniffer has successfully passed Pune based DRDO’s High Energy Materials Research Laboratory (HEMRL) testing and has also been tested by the country’s elite counter-terror force National Security Guard (NSG).

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