German Military Orders 6,500 Trucks from Rheinmetall in Record Deal


Rheinmetall wins record order for military trucks: German defense company Rheinmetall signed a landmark contract with the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) for the delivery of up to 6,500 military trucks, valued at €3.5 billion (including VAT). This marks the largest order in Rheinmetall’s history for logistic vehicles. The agreement comes after the German Parliament approved funding in June 2024.

The initial call-off includes over 610 vehicles worth €312 million, with 250 scheduled for delivery this year. Financing for this initial portion comes primarily from the Bundeswehr’s special funds.

The framework contract allows the Bundeswehr to place additional orders for existing unprotected transport vehicles (UTF) in 5t and 15t categories over the next seven years. It also introduces a new 4×4 UTF 3.5t vehicle designed for maximum parts compatibility with the existing UTF family.

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“This contract significantly contributes to fulfilling the logistical needs of the Bundeswehr,” said Michael Wittlinger, Chairman of the Management Board of Rheinmetall Military Vehicles GmbH. He highlighted the importance of vehicle standardization within NATO for interoperability and efficiency.

Rheinmetall CEO Armin Papperger emphasized the swiftness of the deal, taking only four months from tender to contract signing. He expressed gratitude for the Bundeswehr’s trust in Rheinmetall’s products.

Rheinmetall RMMV HX 10x10 vehicle.

Rheinmetall RMMV HX 10×10 Truck.

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The UTF family has already proven its value to the Bundeswehr’s logistics units. The new agreement builds upon a 2017 order for thousands of HX-based UTF vehicles. Deliveries, including swap-body loader systems and tractor units, are expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Rheinmetall highlights the significant German value-add in the UTF and WLS (swap-body loader system) production, exceeding 75%. The HX platform, designed specifically for military use, offers superior mobility even in challenging terrain. Its widespread use by various countries strengthens interoperability and logistics during multinational operations.

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