HENSOLDT supplies Xpeller modules for German Army’s field camp protection


Xpeller Counter UAV System: Germany based radar and sensor giant HENSOLDT will supply three Spexer2000 3D radars and one Z:NightOwl M camera as Xpeller module package. It will be a part of the GUARDION system of ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH and its partners for a total of five drone defence systems.

These Xpeller modules will be used as a part of container-based drone defence systems to protect so-called forward operating bases of the German Armed Forces in their operational areas.

“Our high-performance sensors complement the ESG GUARDION system perfectly to achieve the required performance spectrum,” said Markus Wolf, Head of Sales and Business Development at HENSOLDT Ventures.

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“The Spexer2000 3D radar is characterized by outstanding detection capabilities, especially against asymmetric threats. The Z:NightOwl M camera was specially developed for high ranges. With it, we support drone defence against so-called Class I drones, that is, unmanned aircraft weighing up to 25 kilograms,” Markus Wolf said.

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“We are herewith supporting the Bundeswehr in close cooperation and coordination with ESG as prime contractor and system integrator,” he added.

HENSOLDT’s Xpeller Counter UAV System

The company said it had already demonstrated its extensive experience in drone defence with its Xpeller counter-UAV system on several occasions.

In addition to permanent deployment, customers also use the system for temporary protection of major events, most recently for instance during the Dutch Day of Remembrance in Amsterdam in May 2020, HENSOLDT said.

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The German defence giant said its Xpeller system distinguishes itself particularly through its modularity and scalability and it can be tailored precisely to meet customer requirements.

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