Israel’s IAI delivers dozens of Satcom terminals for fighter jets


IAI Satcom Terminals: Israel’s state owned defence and aerospace company – Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has completed the delivery of dozens of SATCOM (Satellite Communication) terminals with a conformal electronically-steered antenna for fighter aircraft, the company said on Tuesday.

The Satcom terminals are based on AESA (Active Electronic Scanned Array) technology, and are installed on advanced 4.5 generation Western fighter jets. The ground-breaking technology is currently on display at Satellite 2022, in Washington D.C.

IAI‘s beyond line-of-sight solution ensures seamless voice and data communications, at any location, and even during fast, low-altitude flight. Utilizing a unique flush-mounted antenna, the compact AESA Satcom system eliminates antenna and radome drag, and is therefore optimally suited to a fighter aircraft’s aggressive flight envelope, as well as to other platforms requiring low-drag performance.

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By relying on a single LRU phased array, the technology is installed and integrated smoothly and ensures a low life cycle cost. With a high-performance

and robust network design, the system connects hundreds of registered users, and switches seamlessly between frequencies, at any given moment, according to the mission scenario and requirements.

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IAI’s airborne SATCOM

IAI’s airborne Satcom systems are pioneers in the market with decades of operational experience. The systems have been deployed worldwide on hundreds of fighter jets in a variety of models.

Adi Dulberg, General Manager of Intelligence Communications and EW Division at IAI-ELTA, said the IAI was proud of pioneering Satcom technologies for fighter jet aircraft, and of bringing the conformal Satcom terminal to the market.

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Dulberg said completing the delivery of dozens of these systems to our customer is an important milestone for IAI.

The IAI official said that conformal terminals were the future of airborne Satcom and they are enabled through IAI’s leadership in AESA technologies.

IAI Sri Lanka Air Force Kfir Jet

Kfir fighters of Israel Air Force.

“By utilizing our AESA expertise to provide a breakthrough in airborne beyond line-of-sight communications, IAI is highlighting its innovative spirit and cutting-edge capabilities,” Adi Dulberg said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

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