Defence Expo 2020: MBDA offers Sea Ceptor missile to Indian Navy


DefExpo 2020: European missile manufacturer MBDA will show case its short range surface to air missile Sea Captor at Defence Expo in February this year. MBDA which is jointly owned by Airbus, BAE Systems and Leonardo has offered this missile to Indian Navy as part of a joint venture with Indian defence manufacturer Larsen and Toubro (L&T).

Defence Expo 2020, which will be organised in Lucknow early next month, the capital of India’s most populous state Uttar Pradesh located in northern part of the country, is expected to have participation from more than 1,000 defence manufacturers. According to defence minister Rajnath Singh, this will be largest participation of foreign and Indian defence companies.

“DefExpo-2020 sees exciting developments from MBDA as it continues to expand and deliver on its vision to ‘Make in India,” MBDA said in a statement.

“A particular highlight is the news that L&T MBDA Missile Systems Limited has submitted its first bid to the Indian armed forces – offering Sea Ceptor, the latest generation naval air defence system, in its RFP (Request for Proposals) response for the Indian Navy’s Short Range Surface-to-Air Missile (SR-SAM) requirement with the aim to Make in India,” said the missile manufacturer.

Indian Navy has been looking for a short range surface to air missile to protect its surface fleet from aerial threats.

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Sea Ceptor is the latest generation all-weather air defence system. Through the use of new advanced technologies, Sea Ceptor provides complete protection against all known and projected air targets including saturation attacks across 360-degree simultaneously.

Sea Ceptor utilises the CAMM missile that features a next generation all-weather fully active RF-seeker, two-way datalink and soft-vertical launch system to provide a step-change in performance compared with previous generation systems.

MBDA will also show case missiles that are fired from fighter jets like Rafale. India Air Force will have Scalp deep strike and Meteor air-to-air missile for its 36 Rafale fighter jets under acquisition from France in government to government deal.

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“MBDA has been actively working in partnership with India’s government and industry to build India’s defence industrial capabilities for over 50 years. MBDA is recognised world-wide as an absolute leader in the field of missile technologies,” said the European missile manufacturer.

The company said that cooperation in defence sector was in its DNA which is unique to the sector, particularly in the field of missiles.

“This makes us uniquely able to partner with India, to work with the DRDO, the Indian MoD, and to support the development of India’s public and private defence-industrial capabilities,” said the company.

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The company said it had a dedicated and strong Industrial Cooperation and Offset (ICO) team that worked solely on partnerships with India.

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