China-Pakistan nexus poses potent threat to India: Indian Army Chief


Defence News: India’s top army officer General Manoj Mukund Naravane Tuesday said Pakistan and China together form a “potent” threat, and the “threat of collusivity” cannot be wished away.

“Pakistan and China together form a potent threat and the threat of collusivity cannot be wished away,” General Naravane said during his annual press conference today, ahead of the Army Day.

“Pakistan continues to embrace terrorism. We have zero-tolerance for terror. We reserve our right to respond at a time and place of our own choosing and with precision. This is a clear message we have sent across,” General Naravane said.

The Army Chief General Naravane said that the last year was full of challenges and we had to walk the talk and meet the challenges.

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“We did so and came out on the top. The main challenge was COVID-19 and the situation at the northern borders… We have maintained a high state of alertness all along the northern borders. We are hoping for a peaceful solution but are ready to meet any eventuality. All logistics are taken care of,” the Army Chief said.

“A broad roadmap has been prepared to bring in all the new technologies to develop a technology-enabled army to meet challenges of future,” General Naravane said.

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India-China border stand-off

Speaking on India-China stand-off in eastern Ladakh region, Naravane said that Indian Army is on high alert not only in Eastern Ladakh but across the Northern Border with China.

“We have gone into a winter deployment situation…India and China will reach amicable solutions. However, we are ready to meet any eventuality,” General Naravane said.

India China Army Firing Ladakh

Gen MM Naravane in Ladakh (File).

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Indian Army Chief also said there was no cause of concern on the logistical issues and the force’s operational preparedness is of high order, adding that the Morale of the troops was high.

“The situation at the Line of Actual Control is the same as it was last year. The status quo remains the same. We have received directions from the government to remain in the same position where we are deployed at the friction point,” the General explained.

“There is no change in the deployment in the friction area in Eastern Ladakh. There is no decrease in the number of troops in the friction areas,” said the Army Chief

In depth area of the Tibet region, every year Chinese People’s Liberation Army troops come for training and after training they leave. Troops from some training areas have been vacated.

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India and China are engaged in a nine-month-long standoff at the LAC in Eastern Ladakh. Despite several levels of dialogue, there has not been any breakthrough and the deadlock continues.

In a significant development, the Chinese Army has moved back around 10,000 troops from the depth areas near the Line of Actual Control in Eastern Ladakh.

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