Indian army discusses rightsizing and restructuring issues


Top brass of Indian army thoroughly discussed four important studies in  a biannual meeting of top army commanders in New Delhi. In the week long meeting, administrative and human resource challenges facing the army were discussed in detail between the top commanders meeting held in New Delhi between October 9 to 15.

In the meeting, four major studies were presented to the top army commanders for their consideration.

The focus of these studies is holistic integration to enhance the operational and functional efficiency, optimise budget expenditure, facilitate force modernization and address aspirations.

The first study on ‘Re-organisation and Rightsizing of the Indian Army’ is focused on the operational structures to make them efficient, future ready by taking into account the operational situation with regard to India’s western and northern borders facing Pakistan and China.

The second study is on ‘Re-organisation of the Army Headquarters’, which is aimed at integration and preclude the redundancies.

Indian Army said, “Over a period of time, new structures have emerged and measures to integrate and synergise the same is underway.”

The third study on ‘Cadre Review of Officers’ is aimed at incorporating the proposed reorganization and restructuring of the force and seeks to establish a balanced cadre to meet the aspirations of the officers’ cadre.

Army Commanders’ Conference in New Delhi, 09 October 2018.

The collegium further deliberated on the longer tenure of flag ranks with a view to ensure better continuity, achievements of objectives and aspirations.

The fourth study on ‘Review of Terms of Engagement of Rank and File’ which is aimed at harnessing the higher life expectancy, ensure younger profile and due motivation.

Indian Army: “These four studies will be implemented progressively in a phased manner.”

It has also been decided that all operational aspects of the studies will be validated through exercises.

The meeting also decided to work for enhancing the linguistic skills of its personnel.

Minister of State for Defence, Subhash Bhamre also addressed the Army Commanders’ Conference and reiterated the government’s commitment for development of the desired capability.

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