United against drone threat: Rheinmetall, Anduril to build advanced anti-drone system


Rheinmetall-Anduril to build Europe’s most advanced C-UAS: In a move to combat the growing threat of drone warfare, German defense company Rheinmetall and American defense technology firm Anduril Industries announced a partnership at the Eurosatory trade show. Their goal: to develop the most sophisticated Counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-sUAS) defense system specifically for European militaries.

This new system will be a powerful combination of established technology and cutting-edge innovation. Rheinmetall brings to the table their well-regarded Skymaster command and control system, known for its precision guidance, alongside their arsenal of high-powered weaponry. Anduril contributes its advanced AI software platform, Lattice, which can process data streams in real-time to create a 3D battlefield picture. Additionally, Anduril will integrate its hardware components, including the Sentry Tower sensor system for threat detection, Wisp drone identification technology, and the autonomous interceptor drone, Anvil.

By combining these strengths, the Rheinmetall-Anduril collaboration aims to deliver a comprehensive, layered defense system against drone threats. This layered approach is crucial, as militaries face a growing variety of drones, ranging from commercially available hobbyist models weaponized by adversaries to sophisticated military drones.

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Rheinmetall Skyranger Air-Defence System.

Rheinmetall Skyranger Air-Defence System.

“This cooperation will showcase the most innovative C-sUAS system,” declared Oliver Dürr, CEO of Rheinmetall Air Defence AG. “The combined power of Rheinmetall’s established military capabilities and Anduril’s cutting-edge development speed makes me confident this system will effectively address the evolving needs of European clients.”

Greg Kausner, Anduril‘s SVP of Global Defence, echoed the urgency of staying ahead of the technological curve. “The pace of warfare is rapidly accelerating alongside advancements in technology,” he said. “Traditional air defense systems struggle to adapt to this new reality. Our partnership with Rheinmetall will provide European forces with a software-defined, hardware-enabled C-sUAS system, ensuring they stay one step ahead of the drone threat.”

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The collaboration extends beyond just this initial C-sUAS system. Both companies aim to develop a comprehensive approach to drone defense, encompassing a wider range of tools. This includes exploring hard-kill options like missiles, non-lethal deterrents, and advanced sensor technology for both active and passive detection. Ultimately, this joint effort seeks to significantly enhance the survivability of European forces and offer them new strategic and operational advantages on the battlefield.

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