INS Arihant our shield against nuclear blackmail: PM Modi


Prime Minister Narendra Modi Monday announced that India has acquired the capability to successfully carry out a nuclear strike against an adversary from the land, sea and air as its lone nuclear powered strike submarine (SSBN) INS Arihant equipped with nuclear weapons has completed its first deterrence patrol successfully.

India already has long range bombers and ballistic missiles for carrying out nuclear strike against an adversary from air and land, however, having the ability to carry out a nuclear strike from a submarine is considered ‘most survivable option’ in case of a preemptive strike.

Without naming any particular country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that it was a clear warning to the enemies of India and the enemies of peace.

He said that now the country will not have to face the nuclear blackmail and INS Arihant was a shield against it.  

It also gives India the ability to deploy its offensive nuclear weapons extremely close to an adversary which will give it unprecedented ‘surprise element’ and in all likelihood neutralize any missile defence system available with the enemy due to very short time available with the enemy to react. 

Chinese anti-missile system can foil an aerial or ballistic missile attack on the country.

INS Arihant will prove an extremely useful deterrence against any Chinese misadventure as China not only has sea based nuclear weapons but it has also received the first batch of S-400 Triumf Missile System from Russia this year that can make any retaliatory attack by India using bombers or ballistic missiles on China less successful in case of a nuclear exchange. 

However, INS Arihant can always sneak up on an adversary and can mount a surprise retaliatory nuclear attack even against a country which has sophisticated Anti Missile Defence System like S-300 or S-400.  

Prime Minister Modi stressed on the significance of successful deployment of INS Arihant for the completion of India’s nuclear triad while congratulating the crew.

PM Modi said as the festival of light Deepawali dispels the darkness similarly INS Arihant will harbinger fearlessness of the country.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi with crew members of INS Arihant.

He said Indian people aspire for a Shaktiman Bharat (Powerful India) and its nuclear strike submarine INS Arihant will ensure country’s development by ensuring its security.

The achievement has put India among a handful of countries having the capability to design, construct and operate SSBNs.

Prime Minister Modi also thanked India’s soldiers and scientists for their bravery and for establishment of immensely complex and credible nuclear triad which dispelled all doubts and questions about India’s capability and resolve in this regard.

PM Modi with cabinet colleagues Rajnath Singh, Arun Jaitley, Nirmala Sitharaman and NSA Ajit Doval.

Prime Minister Modi said that a strong India will fulfill the hopes and aspirations of over a billion Indians and will also be an important pillar for global peace and stability, especially in a world full of uncertainties and concerns.

Prime Minister said: “As a responsible nation, India has put in place a robust nuclear command and control structure, effective safety assurance architecture and strict political control, under its Nuclear Command Authority. It remains committed to the doctrine of Credible Minimum Deterrence and No First Use.”

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