Pratt & Whitney will supply 278 F135 jet engines for F-35 fighters


Pratt & Whiteney’s F135 engine for F-35 fighters: US based aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney, Monday announced that the company has been awarded a $5.2 billion contract to support production of the 15th and 16th lots of F135 engines, with an option to award a 17th Lot, powering all three variants of the F-35 Lightning II fighter aircraft. The Lots 15-17 production contract funds production of 278 F135 engines with an option to order up to a total of 518 engines.

“This marks a major milestone for the program,” said Jen Latka, Pratt & Whitney‘s vice president for the F135 program.

The contract also includes program management, engineering support, production support and tooling. The total contract value for lots 15-17, with exercised options, is approximately $8 billion and will fund over 418 F135 engines with options for the U.S. as well as international customers.

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“This contract award enables us to continue delivering critical 5th Generation propulsion capability to the warfighter at a fair and reasonable cost for the taxpayer,” Jen Latka, Pratt & Whitney’s vice president for the F135 program said in a statement sent to Defence Star.

Since program inception, Pratt & Whitney’s ‘War on Cost’ efforts have reduced the average unit cost of an F135 by more than 50 percent, contributing to an estimated $8.1 billion in cumulative engine savings over the life of the program.

Pratt & Whitney worked aggressively to drive production efficiencies, optimize its supply base as well as invest in strategic initiatives — such as the new turbine airfoil facility in Asheville, North Carolina — to reduce cost wherever possible.

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Lockheed Martin F-35 Air Force

F-35 Jet.

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Pratt & Whitney’s F135 jet engine for F-35

Evolved from the F119 engine powering the F-22 Raptor air superiority fighters of the US Air Force, the F135 is the most powerful and most advanced fighter engine in the world, delivering a step change in capability over the previous generation of engines.

This includes a substantial increase in thermal management capacity enabling the full spectrum of F-35 weapons and sensor capabilities; a precise and responsive integrated engine control system allowing the pilot to focus squarely on the mission, said the company.

Pratt & Whitney said the F135 fighter engine for F-35 jets manufactured by Lockheed Martin offers a low observable signature enabling the stealth fighter to conduct operations in modern Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2AD) environments.

The F135 program is a major driver of economic growth around the country, supporting more than 53,000 jobs across 36 states.

As of December 2022, Pratt & Whitney has delivered more than 1,000 F135 production engines.

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F-35 fighter.

F-35 fighter.

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Pratt & Whitney

US aircraft engine manufacturer Pratt & Whitney is engaged in the design, manufacture and service of aircraft and helicopter engines, and auxiliary power units.

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